What is airline approved power bank? Regulation and product features.

by ruby chan on Mar 11, 2023

What is airline approved power bank? Regulation and product features.

What’s Allowed In — And Prohibited From — Your Carry-On Bag, According To The Rules Of TSA&FAA

All battery packs face stringent guidelines for air travel, and to enable you to take your mobile power on board and power up for your journey, you need to check the following:

  • Before boarding, please confirm the lithium battery specifications* marked on the portable power  bank. The lithium battery specifications are calculated based on the rated energy (Wh).

*For lithium batteries without rated energy, please convert according to the following formula:

Rated energy (Wh)=battery capacity (Ah) ×  Nominal voltage (V)

Battery capacity unit conversion: 1Ah=1000mAh

  • Lithium-ion (rechargeable) batteries and portable batteries that contain lithium-ion can only be packed in the carry-on baggage. 
  • The portable power banks can be taken on a flight directly(no declaration is required) with a limited battery capacity of under 100Wh (27,027mAh). 
  • If the lithium battery or spare lithium battery in the power bank is greater than 100Wh(27,027mAh) but not more than 160Wh(43,243mah), it should be declared to the airline and approved by the airline before boarding. Only 2 spare batteries of this specification can be carried.

What Is A Good Airline-Approved Power Bank?

Travel often means long days for both you and your electronics. The best way to keep your devices charged throughout usage is by using a power bank. But, it can be tough to figure out what kind of mobile chargers fit within the Transportation Security Administration or Federal Aviation Administration’s rules so they won’t get taken away during check-in or at the security checkpoint.

INIU B63, Ultimate Travel Backup Power Solution

INIU airline-approved power banks combine the highest-quality battery cells with cutting-edge design to provide on-the-go electricity usage whenever and wherever you need it. With high-capacity cell yet industry-leading safe rates that ensure the power banks can be taken on airline travel, INIU airline-approved power banks will empower your journey and ensure you stay connected until your next destination.

If you are a gamer or remote worker, you must often travel with a laptop, which most power banks don't support. Our adventure-tier 65W fast-charging power bank has vast compatibility and supports all sizes of smart devices, from laptops to earphones, while charging 3 devices simultaneously on the go.   

INIU's enormous and airline-approved capacity of 25,000mAh(< 27,027mAh)-INIU B63(INIU the Ultimate). It is almost the perfect capacity for the traveler. Enjoy a week's charging capacity with the airline-approved 25000mAh power bank. INIU B63 is big enough to charge an iPhone 8 for 8.9 times, an iPad mini 4 for 3.2 times, a MacBook Pro 13 1.3 times, a Samsung S10 5.2 times, etc. Complete convenience is offered for users, especially during business trips.


About INIU

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